Media Literacy Lessons

Why are companies and universities using digital algorithms to sort applicants? What types of data can they access and how could that impact future career and college opportunities. This series of lessons helps students examine, question and apply algorithmic thinking to their own lives.

Algorithms and jobs

Understanding Algorithms and Big Data in the Job Market

Lesson Plan

Hiring Algorithms in Action & Job Lottery Card Student Activity

Finding the Right Candidate Student Activity

Resumes, Browser Data & Social Media Activity

What happens to our understanding of the world with the advent of deepfake video editing technology? How will we know whom to trust and how does it impact our own videos that we might post online? Explore the deeper legal and ethical ramifications of deepfakes in this lesson.

Deepfakes lesson

How can we separate fact from fiction when researching emerging medical and scientific topics? With vape shops opening in more and more neighborhoods, young people are increasingly targeted as consumers even though most countries restrict use to age 18 and above. Use the new materials in the E-cigarette: Fact or Fiction Unit to engage secondary students in a thoughtful examination of a topic that legislators, medical professionals and adults can't seem to agree on.